Symbolic Wedding Ceremony in Positano at the enchanting Hotel Palazzo Murat

Symbolic Wedding at the Hotel Palazzo Murat it will be an memorable experience , Hotel Palazzo Murat is situated in the heart of Positano and is one of the most rich Palace full of history .

The main entrance is characterized by a very spacious atrium where symbolic ceremonies are also celebrated and where the aperitif is served immediately afterwards.

I do really love this place , in this spectacular Location there is a wonderful botanical garden is guarded which could be a perfect set for your symbolic wedding

further more a part of the garden has been adequately used as a restaurant where you can taste typical dishes of Mediterranean cuisine.

The rooms offer a breathtaking view of Positano, in fact Hotel Palazzo Murat is located right behind the church of Santa Maria Assunta, therefore the view of the bell tower is breathtaking. The rooms are beautiful and very welcoming, reflecting the entire style of the building.

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