Symbolic Ceremonies

A symbolic wedding ceremony, also known as humanist wedding ceremony is a non religious ceremony performed by a Professional Wedding Celebrant. in the last 10 years is become like a preferences between the couple approaching this kind of ceremony for many reasons : like a preference to have a no religious ceremony , or if the couple are a same – sex couple , for Destination Wedding I always recommend a Symbolic Ceremony, because it allows you to fully enjoy the moment without any stress ,another aspect is the “Personalization” of the vows or promises, this allows a great emotional participation of both the couple but also the family and friends will be sharing this unforgettable moment with the couple. I propose to my couple a Ceremony as a called Simple Ceremony , characterized by a ritual that includes: a cerimonial formula ,reading exchange of the rings . The second part of the ceremony it will be characterized by the use of a symbolism , today different symbolisms are used for symbolic ceremonies, I have listed some of them. Contact me at for info

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